Everyone has ideas of what makes a sisterhood "good." But we believe that a true sisterhood can't be defined by just one person. What makes a sisterhood truly special is the funny, the serious, and everything in-between. So, we asked the women of Psi Alpha what sisterhood is to each of them. Here are their responses: 

Knowing you have 200 sisters behind you at all times
Sharing happiness, sharing food, believing in one another and being genuine
Everyone squished up in the attic to watch The Bachelor together
Knowing someone will laugh at your jokes
Being a part of a sisterhood that has given you a home away from home
Knowing you have indispensable hugs at 1461 Alder St.
Putting Reece’s in someone’s mailbox after they have had a rough week
Late night DQ runs
Having someone to always watch The Office with
The unbreakable bond of a pledge class
Toast bar when you need it the most
Ugly Christmas sweaters and hilarious white elephant gift exchanges
Finding all 100 of your bridesmaids
A home cooked thanksgiving when your home is too far away
Knowing you have someone to make you laugh after a long day in the library
Surprise sisterhood events like donuts and coffee at Chi O the morning of finals
Having someone who knows exactly what you want on your pizza on make-your-own pizza day
Someone that will stay up with you so you can meet your project deadline
Flying to visit a friend after only 5 days of winter break
Ugly snapchats without fear of screenshots
Motivation to turn off Netflix and hit the gym
Having sisters all over the country to save you from the airport when you have an unexpected layover
Walking into the Chi O house and always having people you love to be around
Dance parties on the sunporch under the stars
An endless amount of wardrobes to borrow from
Constant group texts about Justin Bieber’s whereabouts
Having someone to call at 2 a.m. with good news, bad news and everything in-between
Wishing for shorter summers for the first time in your life because you can’t wait to be reunited with sisters
Having someone to wake up at 12 a.m. so they can be the first to know you’re in love