Dear PNMs,

Hello and welcome to the Psi Alpha chapter of Chi Omega at the University of Oregon! My name is Kenzie, and I'm this year's Recruitment Chair.

Formal Recruitment is a very special process. It is a rewarding and exciting experience that will allow you to make new connections and find a place you can call your home away from home.

Chi Omega has been my home for three years now, and I have loved every minute of it. I'm surrounded by women who are always there to dance with me, support me, and experience my college memories with me. One of my favorite parts about our chapter is how diverse and unique each member is and how much we celebrate and appreciate that diversity, yet we still remain a close knit group of girls.

Sorority life is something so amazing and valuable from which every woman can benefit. Through its values and strong sense of community, Greek Life has truly enriched my college days. Your sorority will not only lead you to your future bridesmaids, but your four years as a member of the Greek community will better you as an individual.

Regardless of being from Oregon, Chi Omega has given me a family away from home. I hope that through Recruitment, you find a place that makes you feel the same way I do every day at 1461 Alder. I am looking forward to meeting so many new faces and welcoming our 110th new member class into the chapter! Get excited, I will see you in the fall!



Recruitment Chair

Psi Alpha, Chi Omega

Feel free to contact Kenzie and the rest of our recruitment team at: