Janelle Bond


HOMETOWN: Medford, or | MAJOR: public relations 

When she's not trying to perfect her Instagram aesthetic or making coffee, Janelle is leading the ladies of Psi Alpha. "My favorite thing about being a Chi Omega is that even though our membership is so diverse, we are all connected through our six purposes. I’m proud to be part of a sisterhood that consists of such driven and passionate women." Janelle's favorite memory of being a Chi Omega was attending the Nancy Walton Laurie Leadership Institute in Memphis, Tennessee, and getting to spend the weekend with sisters from across the nation!

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Lauren Dicarlo


HOMETOWN: Ahwatukee, az | MAJOR: biology

Lauren’s favorite part of going to the University of Oregon are the beautiful four seasons we get to experience, a huge change for her home in Arizona. Lauren has been dancing since the age of two and had the opportunity to dance in the Super Bowl Halftime routine with Katy Perry, a fun fact she doesn't drop nearly as often as she should! Lauren’s favorite memory in Chi Omega is living in her sophomore year. "Nothing can compare to watching The Bachelor in the Chee mansion with 60 of my sisters!”

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Tristyn Baron


HOMETOWN: Walnut creek, CA | MAJOR: business 

Hide your cheese because Tristyn will in fact devour it. With an obsession for cheese and love for cooking, she does it all. Tristyn lives through the Chi Omega secret seventh purpose of eating and enjoys the 24/7 access to our bomb toast bar. When her nose isn’t deep in her textbooks studying up for her sports business classes or her next economic midterm, she’s hanging out with her favorite goofy sister friends. “My favorite memory about being a Chi Omega is being a part of our Chi-o-bunga philanthropy event.”



Lexi Naone


HOMETOWN: west linn, OR | MAJOR: public relations

When Lexi isn’t busy working one of her many incredible jobs for the Oregon football team or getting to go to amazing summer concerts for work outings, she’s spending time with family and friends, paddle boarding, and exploring downtown. Having lived in China for four years, she is one of our many cultured sisters. “My favorite part of Chi Omega is making such good friends who are always around.”



Emily Rost


HOMETOWN: huntington beach, Ca | MAJOR: business

Emily is a dog-lover and a coffee-fanatic, who spends her free time binge watching the office or finding the next best cafe to cozy up in. As a Southern California native, with a dream of travelling the world, Emily has never been more proud to be a duck. “My favorite memory from living in was loading up on sweets from the bakery near campus and having a movie marathon with the girls in my pledge class. Psi Alpha has given me lifelong best friends and I am forever grateful for that!”




Maddy Schaeffer

personnel chair

HOMETOWN: chicago, il | MAJOR: business

As an avid Chance the Rapper and Kanye West listener, Maddy is always the first one to bust a move when the speakers are blasting. Her hobbies included shopping, dancing, and singing in the shower. She's full of humor and loves a good laugh, "when I was little I wanted to be a dancer and now I’m studying business, so dreams really do come true." When Maddy isn't busting a move or singing in the Chi Omega showers, she's sharing the fun facts of how her feet are two different sizes and how her best party trick is that she can wiggle her eyebrows.

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Rachel Sather

recruitment CHAIR

HOMETOWN: portland, or | MAJOR: business 

Even though she grew up on the "dark side" as an OSU Beaver, Rachel found her home in Eugene as a Duck. When she’s not keeping up with ‘Big Brother’ or waiting for the next beam to show up on ‘Are You the One’, she’s spending time at the Oregon coast or exploring new places to eat in downtown Portland. Her favorite part about being in Chi Omega is how she met her best friends and has made so many lasting memories these past three years.

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Kiara Green 

director of programming

HOMETOWN: Lake Oswego, OR | MAJOR: human physiology

Our very own YouTube star and beloved photographer, Kiara loves making videos and sharing her college and Chi Omega experiences with people around the world. With memories such as devouring a giant pan of rice krispy treats with her sisters in a five-minute time span, there’s never been a dull moment for her regarding Chi Omega. Kiara’s favorite thing about being a Chi Omega is "being surrounded by such motivated girls who can accomplish anything they put their mind to."



Kaitlynn Mintz

panhallenic Delegate

HOMETOWN: Orange county, CA | MAJOR: psychology

As a dedicated sister of Chi Omega, Kaitlynn always brings so much joy and optimism to every aspect of our chapter. As a USA cheer instructor and choreographer, Kaitlynn is a strong leader with a sunshine personality. One of her many favorite memories as a Chi Omega has been when she got twins during big little reveal. “My favorite thing about being a Chi Omega is knowing that I have 200+ sisters that have my back and that they support me and one another through thick and thin.”




Madison Whitcher

House Manager 

HOMETOWN: Tigard, OR | MAJOR: Advertising

A native Oregonian and a long time duck fan, Madison is the keeper of the Chi Omega mansion, or as us Chi Omega's know it, the "Chee". Though we may not get as many sunny days as we would like in Eugene, Madison's favorite way to spend them is hiking Spencer's Butte and enjoying Off the Waffle after. After running home to Chi O on bid day, Madison hasn't looked back since: "Chi Omega is a home away from home for me and I'm looking forward to living in with all my sisters this fall!"